Dressing large breasts

24 October 2016

The revolution in showing fuller female body actually occurred much earlier than the 2011 Italian Vogue cover featuring three models called plus size by the media: Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine and Robyn Lawley.



Vouge Italia cover from 2011


Gaia products for larger busts, up to size H, appeared in 1998, and now we offer lingerie up to size L: pretty, sensual, seducing with lace and embroidered details also for fuller figures.
Model Christine z kolekcji marki Gaia, sezon wiosna/lato 2016

WELL FITTINGBuying a bra should mean not only admiring its beauty, but also choosing the right structure: one that takes care of your breasts by giving them adequate support. Wearing well-fitting lingerie every day, especially for fuller busts, gives a better guarantee that breasts will remain in good shape, with elastic, firm skin, and takes the burden of your back, reducing pressure on the shoulder girdle and motivating you to improve your posture.

For fuller figures and larger busts, the most important aspect of a well-fitting bra is the right cup size and a stable band. Each bust requires individual fitting, which is why we’ve created as many as seven structures for the maxi line, so that you can choose the one that fits your breasts best.

WAmong semi-soft bras which nicely shape the base of breasts thanks to the use of foam, you will find basic models available all year round and seasonal models in spring/summer and autumn/winter collections. We mark them as SSMX and add subsequent number for various structures, e.g.: SSMX1, SSMX2, SSMX3, SSMX4, SSMX5.




All-year models: Deborah (SSMX1), Anna (SSMX2) and Stefania (SSMX5) are available in sizes: 65 K, 70 K-L, 75 J-L, 80 I-L, 85 H-L, 90 G-K, 95 F-J, 100 D-I, 105 C-H.


If you want to create the spectacular effect of breasts lifted from base and pushed together, try on a semi-soft SSMX4 bra. Models from the spring Gaia collection in crisp colours give breasts a beautiful round shape and model busts sized: 70 K-L, 75 J-L, 80 I-L, 85 H-L, 90 G-K, 95 F-J, 100 D-I, 105 C-H.





A novelty in this group is the semi-padded SSMX3 structure, in which the middle part of the bra, the so-called bridge, is lower than in SSMX4, allowing you to show off your cleavage. A small change, but you will know the difference right away! Drew maxi model goes on sale soon.

What bra should I choose to make my breasts look even fuller? The first fully padded maxi bra – Ginger (FCMX4) – is making a grand debut soon.



When temperature outside rises and it gets warmer and warmer, your body needs underwear made of lighter, airy fabrics. You can take care of your bust everyday by choosing models with soft underwired cups based on the SMX1 structure. We offer them in the basic Chantal model, and in emerald and ecru Nancy models from Gaia spring collection.

BS0534-CZB-H65_0_3Black, Beige

BS0534-TUR-10Emerald, écru


Bielizna jest najlepszą przyjaciółką kobiety, dlatego warto zadbać, aby była doskonale dopasowana do naszego ciała, potrzeb i codziennej aktywności.
Lingerie is a woman’s best friend, so you should make sure that it is perfectly suitable for your body type, needs and daily activity.